Could speaker be the next governor?

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, right, speaks with Dr. Mary Pierczynski, Carson City School District Superintendent at the Nevada Legislature. By J. We were trying to figure out who to work with,” gaming lobbyist Billy Vassiliadis said. That’s been the Las Vegas Democrat’s reputation ever since: The tough negotiator who knows the details and doesn’t countenance fools. For Buckley, it’s been a swift rise. After arriving in the Assembly, she rose to majority leader quickly. She forged relationships with key liberal interest groups and the gaming industry and has held an iron grip on a 27-15 majority. In the past few months, as the state has fallen deeper into a financial mess, an economic malaise and a worsening set of health, education and welfare dilemmas, she’s taken an increasingly public role as an opponent of Gov. Can the insider become a woman of the people? Can she connect with voters on TV and take part in the rituals of retail politics? The winner of that ...
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